About CF or FG hoods...

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About CF or FG hoods...

PostitusPostitas Anakin » 22 Sept 2005, 00:16

Hey guys i found this pic
from Taillandiers page. Owners name is Priit P.
I´d really like to know where he got his hood or is it home made?
Carbon fiber or Fiber Glass? Because i want one my self too :D

Of course i can buy a hood from a wrecked BJ for a 250 euros +
scoop 75 euros and make it my self but that´s a lot of work...
I foud one place is UK and they are selling CF hood that looks same
for 625£ + shipping. And i still have to paint it my self.

Any ideas :?:

PostitusPostitas Anakin » 22 Sept 2005, 00:19


PostitusPostitas kennu » 22 Sept 2005, 10:28

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PostitusPostitas Karl » 22 Sept 2005, 11:04

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PostitusPostitas Margo » 22 Sept 2005, 12:09

welcome to the forum, mr skywalker :)

more info on the car can be obtained from the owner's web-page here. as far as i know, the hood is neither cf nor fiberglass.

check his info-thread in an english-speaking forum here.

the owner is also a user of this forum- so maybe you can contact him right here.
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