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Section for foreign Mazda fans, registration needed.

626CB - build

Hello team.

I am looking to build an old CB 626 here in new zealand. I was hoping to see if anyone here can assist. New Zealand did not see the 1600cc version 626. We only come across 2000cc MA version.

Now to stand out from the other 626 in my country I choose to change front end to the 1600 nose. I find some parts already but now I need to source some bonnet ...
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Mazda Folks in Tallinn

So, I've been lurking in this forum for the last 6-7 years.
What is it you guys do? Anybody meets up here in Tallinn?

Do some of you guys get together at anybody's garage, take some free time, drink some beer and fix up old mazdas?
(this is what my friends and I used to do back state-side), but I haven't done that in years.
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Hi from USA in Estonia

Hello, I'm Chris
I'm from the States visiting this summer in Estonia.
This is my 3rd time here actually, but likely will be working here for my company next year.

I'm completely obsessed with rotary's but currently drive a Nissan 300zx in the U.S.
Owned 4 Rx-7's, would love to have another. My avatar is my arm.

Okay, I'll try this in Estonia...

Tere! Mina olen Chris,
Olen pärit Ameerikast, ja kulustan see suvile Eestis ...
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Hi from Czech

Just tell you about ours sites: http://www.323f.cz
see u
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Greeting from finland. Heres my rides-

Hello from finland. Nice forum, I think? :D Dont understan lot, but its cool...

Here is some pics of my cars. Some of them are sold or just died..

Here funniest and coolest car what I.m made. Really fun to built and drive. Mazda 626 stw -88 "pigwagon"

This one is R.I.P ...
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Hello from www.MazdaClub.co.uk

Just wanted to say Hi from www.MazdaClub.co.uk
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Hello from lt

Hello all :)
greetings from lithuania :)

Do you have in club some rotary mazda's?

Regards Tomas
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Mazda 626 V6 in finland

This car is builded 4 years ja last Carshow season it was 2004. Now me and my bro do it car again.

Some pic's:

last carshow before "RE born"
http://joni.1g.fi/kuvat/Mazda+626+Black ... 751711.jpg

http://joni.1g.fi/kuvat/Mazda+626+Black ... 751743.jpg

Now in garage:
http://joni.1g.fi/kuvat/Mazda+626+Black ... ject+200x/

Links is only finnish but try to understand ...
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Mazda Stuff- Carfield Enterprise

Dear all Mazda Klub fans :D ,

Nice to meet you all. How are you? I am Ka Fai from Carfield Enterprise. We are Eshop for offering Mazda Stuff. Our stuff from various country and a rare product. Fans, please feeling free to visit us: http://www.carfieldenterprise.com . We are needing your advice and comment. For more information, please feel comfort ...
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About CF or FG hoods...

Hey guys i found this pic
from Taillandiers page. Owners name is Priit P.
I´d really like to know where he got his hood or is it home made?
Carbon fiber or Fiber Glass? Because i want one my self too :D

Of course i can buy a hood from a wrecked BJ for a 250 euros +
scoop 75 euros and make it my ...
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